Animal Diagnostic & Wellness Center offers a wide range of veterinary services.  Our first priority is to help you keep your pet healthy.  We will recommend appropriate vaccines and preventive medicines for your pet’s lifestyle.

We are also here for you when your pet becomes ill or injured.  An accurate diagnosis is necessary at these times and Dr. Ernest will discuss with you all avenues of testing and treatment for your pet,.  Often, this is a rapid and straight forward process.  At times, some illnesses may be complicated and require more skill and time to resolve.  Dr. Ernest has 30+ years of practice experience from which to draw.  She also utilizes a wide database of colleagues to confer with for more challenging cases.

If your pet requires specialized equipment or a veterinary specialist, we will refer you to the facility best suited for your pet’s needs.


We treat cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, rodents, and birds

Procedures Performed

   All anesthetized patients are monitored by a certified veterinary    technician (CVT).

   All surgeries receive IV catheters and vital sign monitoring    (oxygenation, carbon dioxide elimination, blood pressure, ECG,    respiratory rate, and body temperature).


  New HOPE is available for dogs   suffering from hip, elbow, and knee   arthritis.  It is called regenerative   cell therapy and uses ADULT stem   cells collected from your pet's own   fat.  These stem cells are not   embryonic stem cells.  This treatment   can help significantly reduce the pain   associated with chronic osteoarthritis.                                                                                

     What is  meant by an examination?

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  If your pet must remain hospitalized,

  we try to make them as comfortable

  as  possible. Reduced stress speeds

  healing and makes for a more pleasant


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  Laser Therapy -  A non-invasive treatment for arthritis, acute injuries, muscle pain and inflammation, and a host of inflammatory conditions.

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  Every patient under general anesthesia   has their vital signs monitored by a   certified veterinary technician (CVT).

  This includes ECG, oxygen and carbon   dioxide levels, blood pressure, heart rate,   respiratory rate, and temperature.




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