About VIN

 Dr. Ernest has been a member of the Veterinary Information Network since 2001.  She is a regular member and contributes to discussions frequently.  She has access to a database of veterinary journals, colleagues, and specialists of all fields.   Continuing education classes, peer-to-peer communications and many other sources of up-to-the-minute veterinary medical information are available.  Up-to-date information from board certified veterinary specialists is available on every veterinary subject within only seconds of logging on.

Through our network, we have colleagues from throughout the United States, Canada and from many countries around the world.  This network also allows us to communicate about problems and issues that come up.  If there is a problem with a medication, most VINners will know about it the next time they log on.

Our support staff keep in touch with veterinary staff issues and training through the VIN associated Veterinary Support Personnel Network, VSPN.org.

VIN.com also provides a service to you directly.  You can search the pet library through our website, or you can log on directly to Veterinary Partner.com to find veterinary approved information and recommendations about health and behavior issues for your pets.  Please feel confident that the information on veterinarypartner.com is reliable and recommended by veterinarians that care.